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The Refuge is located in Val Formazza at an altitude of 2.561 m. It overlooks the cristal clear Lago del Sabbione, the biggest Ossola artificial lake, and the surrounding mountains. You can park the car in Riale or in the parking space underneath Morasco’s dam and walk you way up. The hiking offers different trails with a total difference in height of about 843 m. The estimated hiking time is two to two and half hours. The view from the top is stunning and includes the Punta d’Arbola (Ofenhorn 3.235 m), the Punta del Sabbione (Hohsandhorn 3.182 m) and the arduous Corno di Ban (3.028 m). 

The Somma Mountain Hut is open!

The Somma Mountain Hut is operational starting from the 3rd weekend of June in the following periods:

  • June: 16÷18 – 23÷25
  • July: 30/06÷02 – 07÷09 – 14÷16 and every day from the 21th onward
  • August: every day until Sunday the 27th
  • September: 01÷03 – 08÷10 – 15÷17

We remind you:

  • reservations are mandatory for overnight stays, recommended for lunch;
  • allergies and/or special dietary needs must be communicated at the time of booking, for us to be able to properly dispose of the products suitable to meet specific needs;
  • for overnight stays the use of a sheet bag is mandatory (disposable sheet bags are available in the hut); it is forbidden to use sleeping bags, the beds are equipped with duvets and pillows;
  • pets are not allowed inside the Refuge (communicated at Formazza Municipality on May 17th, 2023):
    • Guests with dogs can have catering services at the outdoor tables;
    • Guests with dogs who intend to stay overnight, subject to agreement when booking, can recover their pet in the woodshed where they can spend the night on a suitably prepared bed.

Rates Season 2023

Info and reservations
  +39 347 167 7062 
(active only during refuge opening times, the phone is not enabled for messaging) 

  +39 347 845 7045 
(CAI Somma Lombardo Secretariat always valid for information and reservations) (always active for information and reservations)

Reservations are recommended for lunch, it’s essential for overnight stays.

To book, contact the numbers indicated or send an email to our mailbox where you can indicate a telephone number and specify the number of people concerned, if it is a family unit, the presence of adults or children or special dietary needs.
You will be contacted promptly, always considering that the refuge is run solely by volunteers.

Further info also on our social channels

The Refuge

The Somma Refuge is a small / medium-sized structure, with 19 beds divided into 7 – 4 bed rooms. It is owned by the CAI Section of Somma Lombardo and is managed directly by a group of volunteer members who take turns during the opening. Our aim is to keep a foothold in service in an alpine environment that gives hospitality to those who want to experience the beauty of the mountains. With this premise, we underline that the refuge, at these heights and with the obvious logistical difficulties, remains a high-altitude structure, not to be confused with a hotel accessible by road.

The refuge is open every weekend (Saturday and Sunday, with the possibility of staying overnight also on Friday evening, on request) normally from mid-June to the end of September and every day in August (always check the opening period that may present variations also due to weather conditions, in particular due to the presence of snow at the beginning or end of the season).

Rifugio Somma is part of the association A.G.R.A.P – Piedmontese Alpine Refuge Managers of Ossola.

Services lists

  • Stove heating
  • Internal toilets
  • Showers with hot water
  • Electric lights
  • Restaurant with a la carte menu
  • Discounts CAI associated and reciprocity of foreign Alpine Clubs.
  • 19 single beds with 4 and 7 bed bedrooms available
  • Phone service Landline present
  • Flip-flops available on site
  • Bed linen (sheets) and sleeping sack available to buy
  • Small library
  • Table games
  • WIFI NOT Available
  • We accept payments in cash and by payment cards (POS)
  • Mobile network coverage:
    • Vodafone 80 %
    • Wind3 20%
    • TIM 0%
How to get there